Vartech Metal Specialist, Inc.
Our products are ISO 9000 certified
We've been in business for over 25 years
Contact us at 814-838-8766
The many forging companies which we represent  are capable of
meeting all of your forging needs. We can provide closed die forgings
weighing up to 750 lbs., open die forgings up to 25,000 lbs. and rolled
forged rings weighing 65,000 lbs., with an outside diameter of 250
We represent both domestic and international forging producers. These
companies have proven track records, ISO 9000 certifications, the
ability to work to the toughest quality standards and competitive pricing
If your company demands the best forged products, at a competitive
price and timely deliveries, Vartech Metal Specialists should be your
first choice for forgings.
Vartech Metal Specialist is your source for all of your forging
requirements. With over
25 years of experience in the forging industry,
our knowledgeable sales agents will provide you with the highest quality
forged products at the best prices.